About Us

East Wind ezine is an online publication focused on political and cultural issues of Asian Pacific Americans. It is published in April and September by an all-volunteer staff of artists, writers, designers, and videographers. Our goal is to inform our readers about critical issues such as immigration, civil and human rights, and identity and culture as a step increasing Asian Pacific American participation in movements for social change.

Many of the volunteers for East Wind ezine also worked on East Wind: Politics and Culture of Asians in the U.S., which was published twice a year from 1982 to 1989 by Getting Together Publications. Although many of us are now in our retirement years, we continue to be active or have renewed our activism in the face of the rightwing and racist policies of the current administration. Furthermore, we wish to build bridges with younger generations of activists to forge a stronger movement.

If you are interested in submitting articles or artwork or have suggestions for topics we should cover, please write to East Wind ezine via the contact us page on the website.