• Falsely accusing Palestinians of anti-Semitism is malicious
    Note: On May 18, Rabbi Jill Jacobs published an essay in the Washington Post purporting to distinguish between legitimate criticism of Israel and “anti-Semitism.”  In the essay, she posted two of my tweets to suggest that I am anti-Semitic [spoiler: I am not].  Since August, 2014, the Washington Post has run numerous articles similarly impugning my character.  The paper has never offered me space to write in my own voice, despite numerous inquiries.  I submitted an essay to the Post’s Outlook section responding to the issues raised in Jacobs’ piece, but the paper declined to run it.  That essay, as submitted, follows. When Israeli soldiers open fire on unarmed demonstrators, as they have been doing for over a month in the Gaza Strip, Americans are implicated in the violence, for the United States arms and funds those soldiers.  Yet liberal supporters of Israel insist on complicating this straightforward proposition. They often do so by accusing Israel’s critics of anti-Semitism.  On the one hand, Israel’s liberal champions brand themselves allies of Palestine; but on the other hand, they defame and sabotage Palestinians.  It is no longer tenable to have it both ways. I was shocked to find myself implicated as anti-Semitic in a recent article by Rabbi Jill Jacobs—not the first time she’s made the claim.  A ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-23
  • Gaza killings are rending the Jewish community
    Last week I was in Jerusalem as Israeli snipers shot 1360 people on the Gaza border, killing 60 of them; and even as the horror mounted, I insisted that the atrocity was historic and would change American opinion and lead Democratic candidates to run against Israel. Indeed, in the hours that followed, many celebrities spoke out in outrage, joining brave Natalie Portman; Jeffrey Goldberg the Atlantic editor (and former Israeli army prison guard) acknowledged that a divorce between the American Jewish and Israeli Jewish communities is inevitable; and the Onion captured the mood with two savage headlines. “IDF Soldier Recounts Harrowing, Heroic War Story Of Killing 8-Month-Old Child” [link] And: “Netanyahu Announces Day Of Mourning For Fence Damaged In Yesterday’s Conflict.” [link] (P.S. The Onion is largely owned by Haim Saban, Israel lover…) Well this week some of the dust has settled, and the question arises, What’s changed? Nothing, some say. They point to the fact that Bernie Sanders is virtually alone in his condemnation of Israeli actions. They point to Thomas Friedman’s commentary that Hamas was responsible for a “human sacrifice,” killing the “flower of your youth” by ordering them to expose themselves to Israeli gunfire. But Thomas Friedman is notoriously insensitive; and ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-23
  • Activists disrupt Philadelphia Orchestra’s farewell performance before ‘cultural diplomacy’ tour to Israel
    Demonstrators muffled the sounds of the Philadelphia Orchestra over the weekend in a protest of the company’s upcoming tour in Israel. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported about 60 activists protested the orchestra on Saturday after campaigning outside of the venue for nearly two months, “Two of the protesters that entered the hall led music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin to slam his baton on the podium and walk off the stage. Some musicians began to leave, too, before the protesters, who were loudly booed by the audience, were forcibly removed.” Author Susan Abulhawa. Palestinian novelist Susan Abulhawa who organized the action Saturday night, started protesting the orchestra well before the recent protests in Gaza garnered headlines where Israeli military killed more than 60 Palestinians in one day, coinciding with the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.  Yet over recent days, Gaza has been on her mind.   She explained in an interview with Philadelphia Magazine there were two disruptions, one inside of the concert hall and one outside.  “This boycott call is modeled after the South African anti-apartheid call in the ’80s and ’90s, and it was made because Israel has been able to act with impunity, as we have seen in Gaza. It ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-23
  • Documenting Palestinian invisibility for 40 years — an interview with James Zogby
    Mondoweiss is excited to announce that we have partnered with the Arab American Institute to republish Jim Zogby’s important book Palestinians: The Invisible VictimsThe book is a critical examination of the ideology and practice of the movement of Political Zionism and its patron, British imperialism, that together were responsible for the denial of Palestinian rights and the subsequent campaigns of disinformation and repression against the Palestinian people. Palestinians: The Invisible Victims was first published in 1975 as a paper for the Association of Arab-American University Graduates, and then published as a book in 1981. Since then Jim Zogby co-founded the Arab American Institute, of which he is president, published several other books, and took a leadership role inside the Democratic Party. On the 70th anniversary of the Nabka, Palestinians: The Invisible Victims is just as timely now as when it was first published over 40 years ago. Palestinians: The Invisible Victims will be available on June 1, but you can pre-order it now here In conjunction with our publication, I interviewed Zogby by phone on May 8, to learn about how this book came into being.  Q. You were in your late 20s when you were a grad student and undertook the research that became this book on ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-23
  • When it comes to Facebook ‘incitement,’ only Palestinians are arrested, not Israelis
    When I first heard of Dareen Tatour’s story, I had this terrible feeling deep inside. I am a musician myself, I know what it is like to express oneself through art. I imagined myself in her place, being arrested and persecuted for my art. Dareen is a Palestinian poet placed under house arrest since 2015, indicted for incitement to violence against the Israeli regime through a poem she posted on Facebook. Then it dawned on me that this could not actually happen to me, since I am a Jewish citizen of Israel, not a Palestinian. Israel has this tendency to oppress minority groups, and non-Jews specifically, through its homicidal apartheid regime. I reached out to Dareen, and we immediately connected. I met a beautiful young woman, so intelligent, so loving. We became friends immediately. This April, after an extended legal saga of over two-and-a-half years, I joined Dareen at her final court hearing in Nazareth. Driving for hours on my way there, I had an ominous premonition. Her story is nothing but Kafkaesque, and her condemnation will most probably give rise to a wave of schadenfreude on the part of Israelis, quick to rejoice at the misfortune (and injustice) of ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-23
  • Palestine and the upcoming snap elections in Turkey
    Since the fall of the Ottoman empire, and the end of its control of Palestine and the Levant region, the Turkish role in Palestine has never been as active as it is under the current Justice and Development Party (AK Party-AKP) government. This party is led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the strongest nominee for the upcoming snap elections to take place on June 24, 2018. Since the arrival of AKP to power in Turkey in 2002, the Palestinian cause has been prioritized by Erdogan for many different reasons, including the ties that connect Turkey with the Muslim Brotherhood, and support for the Hamas government in Gaza for many years.  Erdogan has always highlighted Palestine in his speeches especially during general elections or the referendum. Yet, this time, this support for Palestine was also expressed by Turkish opposition parties, such as the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Good Party. Turkey did not hesitate to create tensions with Israel starting with its efforts to break the siege on Gaza. The peak of that tension was in 2010 when Israel attacked the Mavi Marmara Freedom Flotilla which was sailing to Gaza, thus creating a huge diplomatic crisis between Turkey ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-22
  • National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies passes resolution in support of academic freedom
    The Lawfare Project, self-described as “the legal arm of the pro-Israel community”, lately filed a lawsuit against SFSU, the College of Ethnic Studies, and Dr. Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi. The National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS) joined a broad base of groups who have issued public statements, open letters, and resolutions in support of Prof. Abdulhadi and academic freedom by passing a resolution in defense of Dr. Abdulhadi and in support of academic freedom. Below, is an essay describing the historical trajectory and current events in Gaza, as Zionist settler colonialism targets US universities in general, and Dr. Abdulhadi in particular. The essay is also an invitation to others to mobilize against Zionist settler-colonialism and towards Palestinian, and our collective, liberation. National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies resolution passed in support of Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi. A 21st century settler-colonial garrison in the Middle East Seventy years ago, the state of Israel was founded in direct contestation to human dignity. Its goal, apparent in deed and obfuscated by hasbara, is to settle as much Palestinian land with as few Palestinians as possible as it establishes a religious ethno state. In order to reach this goal, this nation-state ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-22
  • ‘NYT’ columnist says killing Palestinian civilians is… good for Palestinians
    The New York Times has always had a double standard on human rights, but they usually aren’t very open about it.  They condemn Russian bombing as horrible war crimes, but criticize similar US bombing as mistakes and pretty much ignore Israeli bombing of Gaza. But they don’t come right out and say that killing is good or that it is cruel to be kind and kind to be cruel and Palestinians need to be shot for their own good. Until now. Columnist Shmuel Rosner says essentially this, and the Times published him three days ago: “Israel Needs to Protect Its Borders. By Any Means Necessary.” I will… declare coldly: Israel had a clear objective when it was shooting, sometimes to kill, well-organized “demonstrators” near the border. Israel was determined to prevent these people — some of whom are believed to have been armed, most apparently encouraged by their radical government — from crossing the fence separating Israel from Gaza. That objective was achieved… This was not a peaceful act of protest. This was a provocation by an organization known to engage in acts of terrorism. Thus, Israel had no choice but to treat it as an attempt ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-22
  • Rob Malley and Chris Hayes can’t talk about Adelson’s influence in scrapping Iran deal
    Two leading figures on the American left, Rob Malley and Chris Hayes, cannot honestly discuss the role of Israel in foreign policy-making, specifically Sheldon Adelson’s influence over Donald Trump’s historic and tragic decision to scrap the Iran deal, a landmark of international diplomacy. Malley, a former Obama security aide, gave a one-hour interview on Trump’s destruction of the Iran deal and cited three reasons for Trump’s decision: He wants to demolish Obama’s legacy (“That’s an obsession”), Trump wants to fulfill promises he made to his “base,” the “electorate;” and he has advisers who counsel “regime change” in Iran. No one would question that Trump wants to destroy Obama’s achievements. But the base? When Trump campaigned in March in rural Pennsylvania for a Republican congressional candidate (who lost), he didn’t once mention Iran or the Jerusalem embassy. Trump’s base doesn’t care about those things. And to the extent they do, they don’t want Middle East wars. Rob Malley writes for the New York Review of Books, and ought to be more responsible. Malley failed to mention the elephant in the room: Sheldon Adelson, Trump’s largest donor. As Eli Clifton has reported, Trump scrapped the deal because of three billionaire donors, Adelson, ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-22
  • Why medicine is a political act
    Welcome to Jewish Voice for Peace’s monthly Health and Human Rights Media Watch. Members of the Health Advisory Council monitor relevant organizations and websites and compile a list of important news and issues which are summarized here. These newsletters will be posted on our website and archived as a resource.  If you wish to join this effort, contact Please feel free to share the newsletter with your colleagues and communities and encourage them to join the JVP Health Advisory Council. Thanks to all who have contributed! For those who missed our webinar with Professor Rita Giacaman, here is a link to the extraordinary work of the Institute of Community and Public Health at Birzeit University which studies health and disease through the lens of military occupation and colonization. The researchers have developed unique measures for the “wounds inside,” which impact “ease” and “dis-ease” such as suffering and humiliation.  A Monologue with the ‘Other’: the inauthenticity of discourse under occupation Middle East Eye 8 March  Following up on the protest regarding the scheduling of the International Association of Relational Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts, psychiatrist Dr. Samah Jabr examines “the dialectical relationship between the psychological and political.” She exposes the arrogance and elitism that lies behind the arguments offered by ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-22
  • Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests
    Gaza Health Ministry: ‘Israeli army killed 112 Palestinians, injured 13,190 since March 30th’ IMEMC 21 May — Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip, has reported Sunday that Israeli soldiers have killed 112 Palestinians, and injured 13,190 since the Great Return March protests started on the Palestinian Land Day, March 30th, 2018. Dr. al-Qedra said that the soldiers killed 13 Palestinian children, and injured 2096 others, in addition to wounding 1029 women. He added that 332 of the wounded Palestinians suffered life-threatening injuries, 3,422 suffered moderate wounds, 9,436 suffered mild injuries, and 5,572 suffered the effects of teargas inhalation. Dr. al-Qedra said that: 502 Palestinians were shot in the head and neck. 283 were shot in the chest and back. 225 were shot in the abdomen and pelvis. 938 were shot in the arm. 325 were shot in the leg. 1,117 suffered various cuts and bruises to several parts of their bodies. He also said that 27 of the wounded Palestinians suffered amputations in their legs, one in his arm, and four others had some fingers severed by Israeli fire. Dr. al-Qedra added that the soldiers also shot and killed one medic, and ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-22
  • Israel detains Palestinian teen with severe head injury, again
    As Mohammad Tamimi, 15, walked to the market near his home in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh Sunday evening, he passed by a new white Hyundai. Two men he assumed to be Palestinians were standing outside the parked car, speaking fluent Arabic on their phones. Two more were sitting inside the car, which had a green license plate (vehicles belonging to Israeli citizens have yellow plates). Mohammad did not think much about this scene. When he got close the men jumped Mohammed. One bent the youth’s right arm behind his back and covered his mouth. Then two men threw Mohammad into the car and drove out of the village. Fadel Tamimi, Mohammad’s father, only learned of this when Mohammad was released later that night at around 11 p.m. When Mohammad missed Iftar – the evening meal when Muslim’s break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan — Fadel felt something was wrong. “It’s not like Mohammad to just go missing like this,” he told Mondoweiss. “We got scared about what happened to him.” There was no one on the streets at the time who witnessed the incident. The family was left in the dark regarding Mohammad’s ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-21
  • Hundreds of New Yorkers take to the streets in support of Gaza
    New Yorkers turned Times Square into a ground for dissent Friday afternoon, taking to the streets in support of Palestinians actively resisting Israeli occupation and dispossession. More than 200 joined the mobilization organized by NY4Palestine, to mark a confluence of somber events: seventy years of Nakba, the unprecedented move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and Israel’s recent massacre of scores of Palestinians in Gaza. Since March 30, tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have participated in the Great Return March, demanding their right to return to the land Zionist militias seized and in 1948 declared the state of Israel. Raja Abdulhaq makes impassioned speech at Palestine solidarity rally, calling out both Republicans and Democrats for their many broken promises to Palestinians. (Photo: Jesse Rubin) “All [Palestinians are] doing is demanding their right to return, a right that is recognized by the international community” said Fatin Jarar of the Al-awda Right to Return Coalition. “They have just been going on the streets and marching and the response has been outrageous, it’s been brutal, it’s been sickening.” According to numbers compiled by the Ministry of Health, Israel has killed a total of 120 protesters since the Great ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-21
  • ‘Likudism’ invades the academy: continued Zionist attacks on activism and scholarship at SFSU
    San Francisco State University Professor Rabab Abdulhadi and Palestinian scholarship, pedagogy and research are fighting off yet another attack by the Lawfare Project, the Zionist group that maliciously sued her last year. When Judge William Orrick -Northern District of California, threw out the suit against Dr. Abdulhadi, the university, and a group of campus administrators and staff, the judge allowed Lawfare to refile only because court rules require that plaintiffs be given liberal chances to amend their suits. Judge Orrick’s order made clear that granting the plaintiffs another chance was “[o]ut of an abundance of caution.” This is Lawfare’s third effort at suing Dr. Abdulhadi and the other defendants. In its earlier failed attempts Lawfare tried to blame Dr. Abdulhadi for a boisterous student protest when Jerusalem’s racist mayor, Nir Barkat spoke on campus at a Hillel-sponsored event. Hillel brought bogus complaints of anti-Semitic bias against the students and demanded that the university punish them. When Hillel was denied a table at a campus Know Your Rights fair nearly a year later, Hillel again claimed this was anti-Semitic, even though Jewish Voice for Peace had a prominent table at the event. As one student organizer observed “Providing a table to ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-21
  • Video: Israeli police attack Gaza protest in Haifa
    VIDEO: Attack on peaceful protesters in Haifa 18 May — At least 21 Palestinians and Israeli peace activists were arrested this night in Haifa city during a peaceful protest against the Israeli occupation crimes in #Gaza
      🇵🇸#Palestine || #Video || at least 21 Palestinians and Israeli peace activists were arrested this night in Haifa city during a peaceful protest against the Israeli occupation crimes in #Gaza . . قوات الاحتلال تعتقل ٢١ فلسطيني ونشاط سلام خلال اعتدائها على مظاهرة في مدينة حيفا احتجاجا على جرائم الاحتلال بحق المواطنين في غزة Posted by Eye On Palestine on Friday, May 18, 2018 21 Israeli Arabs arrested during Haifa protests against Gaza killings Haaretz 19 May by Noa Shpigel & Jack Khoury — Twenty one Israeli Arabs protesting the killing of Gazans were arrested Friday in the northern Israeli city of Haifa. Dozens participated in a demonstration in the city’s lower commercial area. Police said those arrested were suspected of public disorder offenses. Protesters held up Palestinian flags, according to reports. The organizers of the demonstration, a group of young activists, decided to hold it without permit. The call to protest was spread across social ... read more
    Source: Mondoweiss Israel PalestinePublished on 2018-05-19